Whats New Back

  1. 81. Opening of Link for providing Centre Preference for CBT for the post of Assistant under DR-04/2021 [Updated on:04-10-2023]
  2. 82. Office Order No. 396/2023 regarding Announcement of CPIO and First Appellate Authority under RTI ACT 2005 [Updated on:29-09-2023]
  3. 83. Revocation of Suspension of food testing laboratories [Updated on:29-09-2023]
  4. 84. Result Notice (Dr-01/2021) [Updated on:27-09-2023]
  5. 85. Revision of Vacancies for the post of Assistant under DR-04/2021 [Updated on:27-09-2023]
  6. 86. FSSAI strongly urges consumers and food vendors to immediately stop using newspaper for packing or serving food items [Updated on:27-09-2023]
  7. 87. FSSAI emphasises on compliance of safety and quality of edibles and raw materials ahead of festive season [Updated on:26-09-2023]
  8. 88. FSSAI Launches Special Category Provision to Promote Gender Equality in Food Business Sector [Updated on:26-09-2023]
  9. 89. Notification with respect to Qualification for the post of Food Safety Officer [Updated on:25-09-2023]
  10. 90. Direction under Section 16(5) of FSS Act, 2006 regarding re-operationalization of the Standards of Crude Solvent Extracted Corn (Maize) Oil [Updated on:25-09-2023]
  11. 91. Direction under Section 16(5) of FSS Act, 2006 regarding re-operationalisation of Draft Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulations with respect to the standards of Fortified Rice Kernel [Updated on:25-09-2023]
  12. 92. Direction under Section 16 (5) of FSS Act, 2006 for keeping in abeyance the compliance of quality parameters ‘Alcoholic acidity’ and ‘Total Dietary fibre’ in Bajra Flour (Pearl Millet Flour), Jowar Flour (Sorghum Flour), Multigrain flour (atta), Mixed millet flour and re-operationalization of the revised ‘Moisture content’ specifications for Mixed millet flour [Updated on:25-09-2023]
  13. 93. Re-conduct of Computer Based Test (CBT) for the post of Assistant in FSSAI under Advt. No. DR-04/2021 [Updated on:25-09-2023]
  14. 94. Circular - DEP-01/2023 dated 10th August 2023 regarding filling up of post of Advisor (General Central Services, Group ‘A’, Non-Ministerial) in the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) through transfer on deputation (including short term contract) on Foreign Service terms [Updated on:22-09-2023]
  15. 95. FSSAI Order dated 21st September 2023 on Empowering Women and Transgender Entrepreneurs in Food Business through Faster Processing of License/Registration Applications [Updated on:21-09-2023]
  16. 96. Corrigenda for Notification of the Central Food Safety Officer, dated the 5th July, 2023 [Updated on:18-09-2023]
  17. 97. Gazette Notification of the Food Analysts working in FSSAI recognized Food Testing Laboratories [Updated on:18-09-2023]
  18. 98. Streamlining the FSSAI License Application Process for Relabeller Kind of Business (KOB) [Updated on:18-09-2023]
  19. 99. GeM Bid No GEM/2023/B/3865767 dated 23.08.2023 for "Hiring of Agency for IT Projects-Milestone basis" Extended till 23.09.2023 [Updated on:18-09-2023]
  20. 100. Waiting List for Documents verification for the post of Assistant Manager (IT) and IT Assistant (Advt. No.DR-04/2021) [Updated on:18-09-2023]