Eat Right India Handbook

About the Eat Right India Handbook

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is pleased to present to you ‘The Eat Right India Handbook’.  

‘The Eat Right India Handbook’ has been created as a guide for various stakeholders to implement Eat Right initiatives at the ground level and scale up the Eat Right India movement. This book not only outlines the background and inspiration for Eat Right India but also provides all the required information on initiatives such as its key objectives, steps for implementation along with the role of each stakeholder, resource material  and partners, contact information and success stories for inspiration.

This book is may be useful for State Food Safety Commissioners and district officials such as District Commissioners and Food Safety Officers, particularly for participating in the Eat Right Challenge for districts and cities. It may also be useful for Network of Professionals in Food and Nutrition (NetProFaN) and corporates interested in utilizing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds for public service.

FSSAI would welcome any suggestions and feedback on this publication so that ‘The Eat Right India Handbook’ becomes a trusted companion and part of all citizens.  


The Eat Right India Handbook may be freely downloaded and printed, without changes, by any individual, company or publisher for individual use or widespread dissemination. This book has been brought out in the interest of public service so it shall not be printed and distributed for commercial purposes. Further, it should not be stated or implied that FSSAI endorses a particular product or business.


This book has been released by FSSAI in the public domain as open source content/material for the benefit of the general public.



For individual requirements and concerns, especially regarding nutrition guidelines, it is best to consult a doctor, nutritionist, dietician or specialist. FSSAI is not liable for any negative consequences, health-related or otherwise, as a result of following the guidelines presented in this book.