* Comment period of sending objections or suggestions has been extended till 05.02.2022 of FSS (Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered Foods) Regulations, 2021 * blink     * Notice [Advt. No. DR-04/2021] related to Deferment of Computer Based Test (CBT) and Written Examination. (Uploaded on: 10.01.2022) * blink     * Circular for suspension of the Internship programme. (Uploaded on: 11.01.2022) * blink     * Download admit cards for practical exam of 7th FAE * blink     * COVID related instructions to candidates of practical Exam of 7th FAE. (Uploaded on: 05.01.2022) * blink      * Big business opportunity for the customise vehicle fabricators * blink     * Information related to FBO Meet Calendar Schedule. (Uploaded on: 09.12.2021) * blink     * ITCFSAN is rolling out a 3 month certificate program with Indian Institute of Packaging, on Food Packaging and Safety Management from 8th January to 26th March 2022. (Uploaded on: 15.12.2021) * blink     * Apply Online || Become a Hygiene Rating Audit Agency [HRAA] * blink     * Report on State Food Safety Index 2020-21. (Uploaded on: 20.09.2021) * blink     * PAN India Food Survey 2021 - For Trans-fat & Acrylamide Content (Uploaded on: 22.09.2021) * blink     * Press Release || Union Health Minister Shri Mansukh Mandaviya releases 3rd State Food Safety Index 2020-21 * blink     * Manual for FSO [2nd Edition] launched by CEO during 32nd meeting of Central Advisory Committee on 29.06.2021 * blink     * Link for Refund related to Cancellation of recruitment process of Advt. No. DR01/2019 dated 25.01.2019 * blink     * FSSAI || ITCFSAN is rolling out a 2 long certificate programs. (Uploaded on: 30.07.2021) * blink     * Call for EOI for selection of individuals as trainers/guest faculty for training of Regulatory Officials * blink     * Guidance Note on Safe handling, processing & consumption of poultry meat and eggs during bird flu outbreak. [Uploaded on: 20.01.2021] * blink     * Information related to Online Webinar / Virtual Training Programme * blink     * FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [FAQs] * blink     * PREVENT THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS * blink     * INFOSAN Alert on contamination of Brazil nuts by-product with Salmonella Sp. * blink    
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