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  1. 261. Press Release- 39th Meeting of Central Advisory Committee_10.03.2023 [Updated on:10-03-2023]
  2. 262. प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - 39वीं केंद्रीय सलाहकार समिति (CAC) की बैठक 9 मार्च, 2023 [Updated on:10-03-2023]
  3. 263. Clearance of Imported consignments of Food Grains including pulses and crude oil [Updated on:09-03-2023]
  4. 264. Validity Order of Food Testing laboratories [Updated on:09-03-2023]
  5. 265. Request to carry out special enforcement drive to check the quality/safety the Nutricals/Health Supplements products [Updated on:07-03-2023]
  6. 266. Press Release on deployment of FSW to curb adulteration in festive season in English [Updated on:04-03-2023]
  7. 267. Deploying Food Safety on Wheels (FSW) for checking of adulteration in milk in the country [Updated on:03-03-2023]
  8. 268. Gazette Notification of Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Second Amendment Regulations, 2023 related to Standards for Sheep Milk, oils, Desiccated coconut, Wheat Flour or Resultant Wheat flour, Millets, Mithun (Bos frontalis), Dried Sweet Marjoram, Coconut Neera, Liquid nitrogen dosing in ‘Natural Mineral Water’ and ‘Packaged Drinking Water’, Substances added to Food, Microbiological Standards etc [Updated on:28-02-2023]
  9. 269. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to vegan logo endorsement applications [Updated on:27-02-2023]
  10. 270. Revised guidelines dated 24th February 2023 for submission of applications for endorsement of vegan logo and formats thereof [Updated on:27-02-2023]
  11. 271. Direction under Section 16 (5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 regarding enforcement of the Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) Second Amendment Regulations, 2022 [Updated on:27-02-2023]
  12. 272. Press release on standards of Millet [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  13. 273. Press Release on Millet Standards in Hindi [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  14. 274. Extension of Requirement of Health Certificate accompanied with the import of food consignments [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  15. 275. Limited Tender for inviting bids for development of nine s and video on nine types of millets [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  16. 276. Implementation of Traceability Application under Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) Initiative [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  17. 277. Implementation of Traceability Application under Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) Initiative [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  18. 278. Revocation of Suspension of food testing laboratories [Updated on:23-02-2023]
  19. 279. Order dated 23rd February 2023 for Revocation of the Suspension of the Laboratories [Updated on:23-02-2023]
  20. 280. Cancellation of CBT examination result for the post of Assistant under Recruitment Advt No. DR-04/2021-reg. [Updated on:23-02-2023]