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  1. 321. Gazette Notification relating to De-notification/De-Recognition of NABL Accredited Laboratories notified/recognized under Section 43(1) of FSS Act [Updated on:21-10-2022]
  2. 322. Gazette Notification of Referral Food Laboratories under section 43(2) of FSS Act [Updated on:21-10-2022]
  3. 323. Clarification dated 20th October 2022 with respect to alcoholic beverages imported into India in bulk containers [Updated on:20-10-2022]
  4. 324. Letter dated 20th October 2022 regarding special drives to check adulteration of sweets, savouries, milk and milk products like khoya, paneer etc. during the festive season [Updated on:20-10-2022]
  5. 325. Notice dated 19th October 2022 regarding Submission of Documents for Verification for the post of Food Analyst (Advt No. DR-04/2021) [Updated on:19-10-2022]
  6. 326. Direction under Section 16 (5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 regarding extension of facility of Provisional NOC to registered Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs) [Updated on:18-10-2022]
  7. 327. Draft Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (Recruitment and Appointment) First Amendment Regulations, 2022 [Updated on:18-10-2022]
  8. 328. Validity Order dated 17th October 2022 of FSSAI recognised Food Testing Laboratories as on 13th October 2022 [Updated on:17-10-2022]
  9. 329. Order dated 17th October 2022 regarding Restricted entry of food items in under specific ports [Updated on:17-10-2022]
  10. 330. Notice dated 14th October 2022 regarding declaration of final result for the post of IT Assistant under Recruitment Advt. No. DR-04/2021 [Updated on:17-10-2022]
  11. 331. Limited Tender dated 13th October 2022 for Inviting Bids for Dubbing and Development of Video [Updated on:14-10-2022]
  12. 332. Office Order dated 12th October 2022 regarding partial modification in Office Order No. 11/2022 dated 18th January 2022 with respect to CPIOs [Updated on:14-10-2022]
  13. 333. Notice dated 13th October 2022 related to Blocking of Assessor ID (ASBEX186366) of Mr. Gaurav Kumar Singh, Trainer [Updated on:14-10-2022]
  14. 334. Notice dated 13th October 2022 related to De-empanelment and Blacklisting of Training Partner M/s Quantus Management System Private Ltd. (TP ID - TPQUA165) under FoSTaC [Updated on:14-10-2022]
  15. 335. Gazette Notification of Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Amendment Regulations, 2022 [Updated on:14-10-2022]
  16. 336. Gazette Notification of Food Safety and Standards (Approval for Non-Specified Food and Food Ingredients) First Amendment Regulations, 2022 [Updated on:14-10-2022]
  17. 337. Office Order dated 12th October 2022 regarding appointment of FSSAIs Designated Officer for Central Licensing under Section 36 of FSS Act, 2006 [Updated on:13-10-2022]
  18. 338. Advisory dated 12th October 2022 facility of advance processing of Bill of Entry in Food Import Clearance System (FICS) of FSSAI [Updated on:13-10-2022]
  19. 339. Gazette Notification of NABL Accredited Laboratories under section 43(1) of FSS Act [Updated on:13-10-2022]
  20. 340. Clarification dated 12th October 2022 with respect to the qualification of Food Safety Officer [Updated on:12-10-2022]