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  1. 181. Press release on standards of Millet [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  2. 182. Press Release on Millet Standards in Hindi [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  3. 183. Extension of Requirement of Health Certificate accompanied with the import of food consignments [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  4. 184. Limited Tender for inviting bids for development of nine s and video on nine types of millets [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  5. 185. Implementation of Traceability Application under Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) Initiative [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  6. 186. Implementation of Traceability Application under Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) Initiative [Updated on:24-02-2023]
  7. 187. Revocation of Suspension of food testing laboratories [Updated on:23-02-2023]
  8. 188. Order dated 23rd February 2023 for Revocation of the Suspension of the Laboratories [Updated on:23-02-2023]
  9. 189. Cancellation of CBT examination result for the post of Assistant under Recruitment Advt No. DR-04/2021-reg. [Updated on:23-02-2023]
  10. 190. Declaration of waiting list the post of Joint Director (Specialisation: Technical) - DR-01/2021 [Updated on:22-02-2023]
  11. 191. Direction under section 16 (5) and 18 (2) (d) of the FSS Act, 2006 for keeping in abeyance the compliance of quality parameters ‘Alcoholic acidity’ and ‘Total Dietary fibre’ in Bajra Flour (Pearl Millet Flour), Jowar Flour (Sorghum Flour), Multigrain flour (atta), Mixed millet flour and re-operationalization of the revised ‘Moisture content’ specifications for Mixed millet flour [Updated on:16-02-2023]
  12. 192. De-recognition and de-notification of in-house testing laboratories of Food Business Operators [Updated on:16-02-2023]
  13. 193. Validity Order of FSSAI recognised Food testing laboratories [Updated on:15-02-2023]
  14. 194. Notice (DR-04/2021) dated 14th February 2023 regarding list of eligible/not eligible candidates and additional list of shortlisted candidates for document verification for the Post of Assistant Manager & Assistant Manager (IT) [Updated on:14-02-2023]
  15. 195. Ease of Doing Business: Reduction of the initial application fee for FSSAI License [Updated on:10-02-2023]
  16. 196. Validity of FSSAI recognised Food Testing Laboratories [Updated on:09-02-2023]
  17. 197. Corrigendum order dated 19th January 2023 related to revised rate of testing Testing Fee [Updated on:08-02-2023]
  18. 198. Order dated 03rd November 2021 related to Rate of testing fee- effective from 1st Dec 2021 [Updated on:08-02-2023]
  19. 199. Selection for the post of Administrative Officer, Senior Private Secretary, Personal Secretary and Assistant on Deputation on Foreign Service Terms Basis against Circular No. DEP-02/2022 [Updated on:07-02-2023]
  20. 200. Enforcement regarding compliance with the standards for Non-Carbonated Water Based Beverage (Non-alcoholic) under Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 [Updated on:01-02-2023]