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  1. 141. Request for conducting market surveillance to check the adulteration of Cassia (Taj) in Cinnamon (Dalchini) and misbranding of such products [Updated on:28-11-2023]
  2. 142. Tentative Schedule of the 9th Food Analyst Practical Examination 2023 [Updated on:28-11-2023]
  3. 143. Rectifiable labelling information for imported food consignments [Updated on:28-11-2023]
  4. 144. Use of Steviol glycoside (stevia) in ‘cocoa and chocolate products’ and ‘imitation chocolate’ [Updated on:28-11-2023]
  5. 145. Notice dated 23rd November, 2023 for Seeking public comments on recent recommended Method/Manual by Scientific Panel on Methods of Sampling & Analysis [Updated on:24-11-2023]
  6. 146. Appointment of FSSAIs Designated Officerfor Central Licensing under Section 36 of FSS Act, 2006 [Updated on:22-11-2023]
  7. 147. Monitoring the sale of fresh fruits & vegetables for presence of pesticides residues, non-permitted wax coating, non-permitted artificial ripner and artificial colours in the market [Updated on:21-11-2023]
  8. 148. Appointment of Designated Officer for Central licensing at Seaport/Airport under Section 36 of Food Safety & Standard Act, 2006 read with Regulation 1.2.1 (1) [Updated on:21-11-2023]
  9. 149. Application Fees for Vegan Logo Endorsement Applications as per Food Safety and Standards (Vegan Foods) Regulations, 2022 [Updated on:20-11-2023]
  10. 150. Direction under Section 16(5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 regarding re-operationalisation of FSS (Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary Use, Food for Special Medical Purpose and Prebiotic and Probiotic Food) Regulations, 2022 [Updated on:17-11-2023]
  11. 151. Direction under Section 16(5) of FSS Act, 2006 regarding operationalisation of Draft Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulations w.r.t. the standards of Vitamin and Mineral Premix for manufacturing of FRK [Updated on:17-11-2023]
  12. 152. Guidelines on sampling of Fortified Rice (FR), Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK) and Vitamin Mineral Premix for FRK [Updated on:17-11-2023]
  13. 153. Revocation of Suspension of M/s Megsan Labs Private Limited, Hyderabad [Updated on:16-11-2023]
  14. 154. Suspension of Jubilant Pharma and Chemical Lab (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai [Updated on:16-11-2023]
  15. 155. Guidelines on sampling of Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK) and Fortified Rice (FR) [Updated on:16-11-2023]
  16. 156. Mandatory uploading of the test reports with source of iron in Fortified rice (FR), Fortified Rice kernel (FRK) & Vitamin Premix for FRK samples on the InFoLNet portal by FSSAI approved laboratories [Updated on:16-11-2023]
  17. 157. FoSCoS becomes more user friendly with the introduction of web portals in regional languages [Updated on:14-11-2023]
  18. 158. Notification of Authorised Officer under Section 47 (5) of FSS Act, 2006 and Regulation 13 (1) of FSS (Imports) Regulations, 2017 [Updated on:14-11-2023]
  19. 159. List of waitlist candidates shortlisted for document verification for the post of Assistant Manager (Social Work/Psychology/Labour and Social Welfare/Library Science) under Advt. No. DR-04/2021 [Updated on:10-11-2023]
  20. 160. List of Candidates Qualified in Computer Based Test (CBT) of 9th Food Analyst Examination 2023 [Updated on:10-11-2023]