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Sl.No. Title Publish Date
61 Advisory on HS CODE   PDF file 30-03-2012
62 Uniform Numbering System in different zones of Indian Railways   PDF file 06-06-2012
63 Enforcement of FSS Act for central licensed unit/FBOs in the State/UT   PDF file 12-06-2013
64 Licensing of 100 EOU under FSS Act, 2006.   PDF file 15-10-2012
65 Waiving of inspection to FBOs with valid registration under EIC   PDF file 04-12-2012
66 Licensing/Registration of Alcoholic Drinks   PDF file 18-12-2012
67 Uniform Numbering System for licensing   PDF file 09-06-2014
68 Order w.r.t use of packaging material for new geographic entity.   PDF file 07-01-2015
69 Order to rationalise licensing/registration in respect of dairy industry   PDF file 14-01-2015
70 Exemption of Licensing/Registration under FSS Act, 2006.   PDF file 21-01-2015
71 Granting License for exporting FBOs   PDF file 21-01-2015
72 Inspection of premises before issue of license   PDF file 12-02-2015
73 Introduction of Self declaration system to substitute affidavits in the Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses.   PDF file 26-03-2015
74 Office Order w.r.t. Port and Airport   PDF file 05-03-2014
75 Guidelines on licensing of air services   PDF file 26-03-2014
76 Uniform Numbering System for Port/Airport   PDF file 26-03-2014
77 Disposal of matters under erstwhile PFA Act   PDF file 31-01-2013
78 Disposal of matters under erstwhile PFA Act   PDF file 11-09-2014
79 Ban on Import of dairy Products from China.   PDF file 19-06-2014
80 Adjudication proceedings under Section 68 of FSS Act wherein infringement of PFA act & Rules is involved   PDF file 26-10-2015