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  1. 61. FSSAI facilitates Interactive Session & Capacity Building on MRL of Pesticides in Tea with Small Tea Growers (STG) [Updated on:15-03-2024]
  2. 62. Direction under Section 16(5) of Food Safety and Standards Act regarding compliance w.r.t. Processing Aids under Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 [Updated on:14-03-2024]
  3. 63. Pre-Bid Meeting for GeM Bid No. GEM/2024/B/4643374; Dated: 07.03.2024 [Updated on:14-03-2024]
  4. 64. Pioneering Food Safety in Jails, FSSAI Certifies Nearly 100 Prisons as Eat Right Campuses [Updated on:14-03-2024]
  5. 65. Validity of FSSAI recognised Food Testing Laboratories [Updated on:13-03-2024]
  6. 66. Modernization of Food Streets: India’s SOP discussed at the 54th session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene in Nairobi, Kenya [Updated on:13-03-2024]
  7. 67. Direction under Section 16(5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 regarding reoperationalization of Draft Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulations related to standards of Packaged Drinking Water (other than Mineral Water) [Updated on:12-03-2024]
  8. 68. Direction for re-operationalisation of Food Safety and Standards (Foods for Infant Nutrition) Amendment Regulations, 2022 relating to revise limits of Selenium, Manganese, iron and biotin [Updated on:12-03-2024]
  9. 69. Tender Cancellation Notice : Tender for Annual Rate Contract for the Supply of Chemicals and Consumables at National Food Laboratory, Kolkata, and Extension Centre, Raxaul, Bihar [Updated on:11-03-2024]
  10. 70. Internship starting in the month of April- 2024 under Internship Scheme 2021 at Food Safety and Standards Authority of India [Updated on:08-03-2024]
  11. 71. Implementation of Fortified Rice Traceability [FoRTrace] Application within FoSCoS [Updated on:08-03-2024]
  12. 72. Revised list of FSSAI notified laboratories for testing of micronutrients in Fortified Rice (FR), Fortified Rice Kernel (FRK) and Vitamin-Mineral Premix for Fortified Rice Kernel [Updated on:08-03-2024]
  13. 73. Appointment of Designated Officer for Indian Railways for SCR/Secunderabad [Updated on:08-03-2024]
  14. 74. GeM Bid No. GEM/2024/B/4643374 dated 07.03.2024- "Operation and Management Contract for National Food Laboratory Ghaziabad" [Updated on:07-03-2024]
  15. 75. Notification of Authorised Officers under Section 25 read with Section 47(5) of FSS Act, 2006 and Regulation 13(1) of FSS(Import) Regulation, 2017 [Updated on:07-03-2024]
  16. 76. Appropriate Endorsement of KoBs by Flight Kitchens and in-flight catering services, and Labelling requirements for prepared food being served in flights/trains and other moving vehicles [Updated on:07-03-2024]
  17. 77. Direction to all notified laboratories regarding testing of pesticide in Tea samples [Updated on:05-03-2024]
  18. 78. Appointment of Designated Officers (DOs) for Central licensing at Seaport / Airport under Section 36 of FSS Act, 2006 read with Regulation 1.2.1 (1) of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Regulations, 2011 [Updated on:04-03-2024]
  19. 79. 150 Railway Stations across the country achieve ‘Eat Right Station’ certification from FSSAI [Updated on:29-02-2024]
  20. 80. Time-bound processing of applications for Licenses marked for inspections [Updated on:23-02-2024]