To improve public health in India and combat negative nutritional trends to fight lifestyle diseases, FSSAI launched 'The Eat Right Movement on 10th July, 2018. The food industry, public health professionals, civil society and consumer organizations, influencers and celebrities came together on a common platform and pledged to take concrete steps to amplify ‘The Eat Right Movement’ in the country. Read More external link

The strength of the ‘The Eat Right Movement’ lies in its holistic and collaborative approach, with stakeholders on both the demand and supply-side joining to make a difference through some clearly identified steps.

  • On the demand side, the Eat Right Movement focuses on empowering citizens to make the right food choices.
  • On the supply side, it nudges food businesses to reformulate their products, provide better nutritional information to consumers and make investments in healthy food as responsible food businesses.

Refer to the IEC Material on this website: external link  

‘The Eat Right Movement’ brings together three ongoing initiatives of FSSAI:

  • Safe and Nutritious Food Initiative external link, focused on social and behavioural change around food safety and nutrition at home, school, workplace and on-the-go;
  • The Eat Healthy Campaign external link focused on reduction of high fat, sugar and salt foods in the diet; and
  • Food Fortification external link, focused on promoting five staple foods-wheat flour, rice, oil, milk and salt that are added with key vitamins and minerals to improve their nutritional content




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