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  1. 1. Notice dated 20th Jan 2021 regarding Merit List of the candidates found provisionally eligible for the posts of Assistant Manager (IT), Assistant Manager, Hindi Translator, IT Assistant, Junior Assistant Grade-I, Personal Assistant, Assistant, Central Food Safety Officer and Technical Officer under DR-02/2019 [Updated on:21-01-2021]
  2. 2. Press Release dated 2st January 2021 related to FSSAI issues a Guidance Document on Safe handling, Processing and Consumption of Poultry Meat and Eggs during Bird Flu [Updated on:21-01-2021]
  3. 3. Tender Notice dated 20th January 2020 regarding Design, Development and Implementation of Software Application Food Imports Exports Clearance System (FIECS) and its Operation and Maintenance Support Service [Updated on:20-01-2021]
  4. 4. Draft notification on the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Amendment Regulations, 2021 w.r.t. non-transparent packaging material for water [Updated on:20-01-2021]
  5. 5. Draft notification on the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Amendment Regulations, 2021 w.r.t. non-transparent packaging material for water for inviting comments/suggestions from WTO-TBT Member Countries [Updated on:20-01-2021]
  6. 6. Direction under Section 16 (5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 dated 19th January 2021 regarding import of speciality foods for IEM and hypoallergenic conditions [Updated on:19-01-2021]
  7. 7. Notice dated 15th January 2021 related to Information regarding Honble High Court of Delhi vide Order dated 13th January, 2021 against the selection of Assistant Director (Technical) [Updated on:15-01-2021]
  8. 8. Notice dated 12th January 2021 related to Approval of Rapid Analytical Food Testing (RAFT) Kit/Equipment/Method along with Application Form [Updated on:14-01-2021]
  9. 9. Order dated 13th January 2021 related to Appointment of Designated Officer for India Northern Railways under Section 36 of FSS Act, 2006 [Updated on:14-01-2021]
  10. 10. Gazette Notification of NABL Accredited Laboratories under section 43(1) of FSS Act [Updated on:14-01-2021]
  11. 11. Gazette Notification on Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) First Amendment Regulations 2021 w.r.t. incidental occurring of Khesari Dal in gram/pulses [Updated on:14-01-2021]
  12. 12. Gazette Notification on Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (Transaction of Business and Procedures for the Scientific Committee and Scientific Panels) First Amendment Regulations, 2021 related to revision of quorum of meeting of the Scientific Committee or Scientific Panel or Working Group and drawing up of agenda in consultation with Chairperson of the concerned Scientific Panel or Scientific Committee [Updated on:14-01-2021]
  13. 13. Letter dated 12th January 2021 related to Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) - present status [Updated on:13-01-2021]
  14. 14. Press Release dated 08th January 2021 related to Eat Right India Among Top Visionaries for the Food Systems Vision Prize [Updated on:11-01-2021]
  15. 15. Addendum dated 11th January 2021 to the Guidelines on requirement of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) for grant / renewal / product modification of FSSAI license [Updated on:11-01-2021]
  16. 16. Letter dated 11th January 2021 related to Clarification regarding Tolerance Limit in cases of insecticides for which MRLs have not been fixed [Updated on:11-01-2021]
  17. 17. Letter dated 07th January 2021 related to Implementation of revised policy for Auto-generation of License / Registration and Auto-rejection of applications in case of non-response [Updated on:08-01-2021]
  18. 18. Direction dated 07th January 2021 regarding enforcement of maximum limits of trans fatty acids in Vegetable Oil / Fats products under Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Tenth Amendment Regulations, 2020 [Updated on:08-01-2021]
  19. 19. Extension of timeline for compliance with the direction dated 01st January, 2021 regarding compliance of commercial feeds/feed materials intended for meat and milk producing animals with relevant BIS standards [Updated on:01-01-2021]
  20. 20. Gazette notification on Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Tenth Amendment Regulations, 2020 related to:(i) Deletion of Bellier Test; (ii) Reduction in trans fat; (iii) Cherries with stem; (iv) Processed fruit juice; (v)Processed vegetable juice; (vi) Cashew Kernel; (vii) Colouring Foods; (viii) Definition in 2.5.1; (ix) Animal Casings; (x)Frozen Egg Products; (xi) Egg Powder; (xii) Liquid Egg Products; (xiii) Pickled Eggs; (xiv) Pasteurized Fish Sausage; (xv) Pasteurised Crab Meat; (xvi) Gelatin from fish processing waste; (xvii) Baking Powder; (xviii) Water Chestnut Flour (Singhare ka atta); (xx) TSS content in the fruits and vegetables (File No. 1-116/Scientific Committee/Notif./2010-FSSAI dated 29.12.2020) [Updated on:31-12-2020]