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  1. 1. Enforcement regarding compliance with the standards for Non-Carbonated Water Based Beverage (Non-alcoholic) under Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 [Updated on:01-02-2023]
  2. 2. Appointtment of Designated Officer for Indian Railways u/s 36 of FSS Act, 2006 [Updated on:01-02-2023]
  3. 3. Suspension of Krishna Digital Material Testing Laboratory, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh [Updated on:01-02-2023]
  4. 4. Suspension of QTTL Lab Private Limited, Indore, Madhya Pradesh [Updated on:01-02-2023]
  5. 5. Test [Updated on:31-01-2023]
  6. 6. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (Financial) Regulations, 2023 [Updated on:27-01-2023]
  7. 7. Misleading products in market in same name of "Ghee/Butter" [Updated on:24-01-2023]
  8. 8. Gazette Notification on Food Safety and Standards (First Amendment) Rules, 2022 [Updated on:24-01-2023]
  9. 9. Declaration of Appellate Authority in respect of RCD and QA Division [Updated on:23-01-2023]
  10. 10. Appellate Authority in respect of General Administration and Policy Coordination Division [Updated on:19-01-2023]
  11. 11. Notice (DR-04/2021): Display of individual answer sheet from 19.01.2023 to 25.01.2023 [Updated on:19-01-2023]
  12. 12. हैदराबाद शहर में सीईओ की यात्रा के दौरान तेलंगाना के खाद्य सुरक्षा पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र की समीक्षा के संबंध में प्रेस विज्ञप्ति दिनांक 17 जनवरी, 2023 [Updated on:19-01-2023]
  13. 13. RFP and Price Bid [Updated on:19-01-2023]
  14. 14. Limited Tender for inviting bids for development of nine s and videos on nine types of Millets [Updated on:19-01-2023]
  15. 15. Press Release dated 17th January, 2023 regarding review of food safety ecosystem of Telangana during the CEOs visit to the city of Hyderabad [Updated on:17-01-2023]
  16. 16. प्रेस विज्ञप्ति 12 जनवरी , 2023: FSSAI ने बासमती चावल के लिए व्यापक नियामक मानकों को अधिसूचित किया [Updated on:13-01-2023]
  17. 17. Manufacturers [including Pepacker and Relabellers] to upload or link mandatory Lab Testing Report [Six-monthly] on FoSCos [Updated on:13-01-2023]
  18. 18. Import of High risk food products at specific ports [Updated on:13-01-2023]
  19. 19. Import of High risk food products at specific ports [Updated on:13-01-2023]
  20. 20. Ease of Doing Business: Instant Renewal of License/Registration [Updated on:12-01-2023]